Plug Connection specializes in creating the ideal condition for seeds to burst into life. By customizing the environment to each plant’s specific cultural requirements, Plug Connection continues to provide professional growers with high-quality seed annual and perennial plugs. Download our complete product listing online—simply click on the “catalog” tab.


Unrooted Cuttings (URC)
Plug Connection is successful in encouraging root formation from healthy, hydrated, disease-free cuttings, and supplying high-quality vegetative liners to professional growers.

Tissue Culture (TC)
For professional growers seeking high-quality vegetative liners from tissue culture, Plug Connection is well-informed, experienced, and technologically equipped for successful weaning of tissue cultured varieties.


Plug Connection is a leading U.S. supplier of grafted vegetable transplants. Tomato, cucumber, eggplant, pepper, melon, and watermelon varieties are hand grafted onto disease resistant rootstocks—marketed to home gardeners as Mighty ‘Mato, Mighty Veggies, and Mighty Melon—a Plug Connection EXCLUSIVE.

NEW to the U.S. market in 2015 is another Plug Connection EXCLUSIVE—Ketchup ‘n’ Fries™ by TomTato®—a grafted tomato AND potato plant in one.

Year round, Plug Connection also hand grafts tomato and watermelon varieties onto disease resistant rootstocks for grafted transplants specifically primed for agricultural field farms and greenhouses. Email or link to grafted for more information.

Grafted vegetables are resistant to soil-borne diseases, vigorous, improves performance, extends harvests, and increases yield.


We’re rooting for you! Meet market demands with Plug Connection’s custom propagation services. Simply request a quote on any non-published seed, vegetative, or tissue culture variety.

Seed Minimums
3 trays per variety, per ship week

Vegetative Minimums
300 per variety, per ship week
3,500 per URC vendor, per ship week

Tissue Culture Minimums
5,000 per variety, per ship week

Plug Connection also provides rooting fee quotes for pre-purchased URC cuttings and tissue culture. Program minimums start at 10,000 per ship week. Email with your preferred broker, quantity, and ship date.