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SunParasol Mandevilla from Suntory Flowers are high-performing stars that won’t seek shade to escape the heat and grow brightly in even the hottest weather. With superlative garden performance, strong sell-through and rave retail appeal, SunParasol will shine in gardens and containers alike.

Their vibrant colors and strong marketing support make SunParasol a favorite for retailers and gardeners. Year after year, customers keep coming back and asking for more, and unlike most sunbathing beauties, SunParasol is low-maintenance and easy to handle—it works well in a range of pots, hanging baskets, and on a trellis.

Mandevilla SunParasol® Giant Crimson
Mandevilla SunParasol® Giant Pink
Mandevilla SunParasol® Giant White
Mandevilla SunParasol® Original Crimson
Mandevilla SunParasol® Pretty Crimson
Mandevilla SunParasol® Pretty Pink