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Main Availability (A – Z)                  (PDF)  (EXCEL)

Vegetative Availability                    (PDF)  (EXCEL)

Grasses Availability                         (PDF)  (EXCEL)

Organic Herbs & Vegetables         (PDF)  (EXCEL)

Mighty ‘Mato Availability                (PDF)  (EXCEL)

Succulents Availability                   (PDF)  (EXCEL)

Special Program Availability          (PDF)  (EXCEL)

Updated every 15 min.  For access to our Live availability through ePicas, click on the “Click to view our live availability” button below.


CLICK to view our live availability

Plug Connection’s ePicas availability lists are LIVE and in real-time—updated instantly when a transaction occurs—so you know exactly what you’re going to get. Click HERE to request your Plug Connection ePicas login ID and password.

Link to Plug Connection’s ePicas to immediately view our Current Availability—this is a quick look at what’s available for the next 20 weeks—updated each week on Wednesday. Simply select “Description begins: All” to view our current A-Z availability list.

Select Main Availability A-Z from the “Form:” field drop-down, then select “Description begins: All” to view our complete A-Z availability list. Can’t find it? Request a quote for custom propagation.


THIS week’s availability
Place orders by 4:00 pm PST, Monday—the same week of availability

NEXT week’s availability
Place orders by 12:00 pm PST, Friday—the week prior to availability ship week

Plug Connection sells to professional growers only. To place an order, please contact your favorite broker.