Order through your favorite Plug Connection broker or at your convenience, anytime online via ePicas at epicas.plugconnection.com.

To learn more about Plug Connection’s high quality products, contact a Plug Connection broker. Our sales and customer service team is also available at 760 631 0992 or send an email to sales@plugconnection.com.


Seed Tray Sizes
512-tray                  sold as 500       6 per box
288-tray                 sold as 285        5 or 6 per box
144-tray                  sold as 144        4 per box
128-tray                  sold as 125        4 per box
72-tray                    sold as 72          2 or 3 per box

Vegetative Tray Sizes
104-tray                  sold as 100*      4 per box
102-tray                  sold as 100       4 per box
72-tray                    sold as 72         2 or 3 per box

Grafted Tray Sizes
20mm 102-tray      sold as 102      2 or 4 per box
25mm 102-tray      sold as 102      2 per box**

Seed and vegetative orders cannot be combined with grafted orders to fill a box. Partial box fee is $25.

*Specialty 104-tray products are sold as 104 when noted.


Products are sold on a grow-to-order basis.

Seed lead time  =  grow time*  +  2 weeks
Vegetative lead time  =  grow time*  +  3 weeks
Grafted lead time  =  grow time*  +  3 weeks

*Grow times may vary by variety. Unlisted items add 1 week for processing.


Submit orders* by 4pm PST, 2 weeks prior to sow or 3 weeks prior to stick.

*Grower Customer orders are due to your favorite Plug Connection broker on Mondays.
  Broker orders are due to Plug Connection’s customer service team on Wednesdays.

For unlisted items, please include an additional week to lead time for processing.


Availability Orders
Go to epicas.plugconnection.com for current plug and liner availability lists—quantities and ready weeks.

THIS week’s availability
Place orders by 4:00 pm PST, Monday—the same week of availability

NEXT week’s availability
Place orders by 12:00 pm PST, Friday—the week prior to availability ship week


No cancellations accepted within two (2) weeks prior to sow or stick date without approval. All cancellations are considered pending until we receive confirmed cancellations from supplier. No cancellations on orders once production has begun.


Can’t find it? Plug Connection offers custom propagation of non-published varieties. Minimum orders vary by variety. See services for details.


Tags are required for some patented varieties per breeder requirements. When required, tags are automatically included on order at an additional charge.

Mighty ‘Mato, Super Dwarfs and Ketchup ‘n’ Fries tags are included in pricing and ship with all orders.


In the event of unforeseen shortages or delays, we will make appropriate substitutions or reschedule orders with customer requirements in mind.


Inspect shipments immediately upon arrival. No freight claims will be allowed after 48 hours. If damage is visible at time of delivery, please report to delivery driver and note on receipt. No freight claims will be honored on partial boxes. All other claims must be reported within 72 hours of receipt of goods.

Please submit claims to claims@plugconnection.com. Photos are required or claim will be denied.


You are guaranteed to receive high quality, healthy, disease free plants that are true to name. Upon arrival, plants are guaranteed to be alive and viable. If you experience any issues with our plant material, please contact us. With immediate attention, our team may be able to recommend a solution.