Super Dwarfs

Super Dwarfs

Patio tomatoes are popular but they just don’t have the taste or performance that consumers want.  Introducing Super Dwarfs.  Finally, a dwarf patio tomato that combines the best attributes of determinant plant habit and indeterminant fruit production.  Super performance and taste.

  • Plants average about 30–36″ in mature height.
  • Tomatoes vary in size and shape, including fruits over 1 pound.
  • Broad range of flavors—sweet, tangy, fruity and even a hint of saltiness —something to please everyone!
  • Easy to grow in pots, on balconies, or wherever space is limited.
  • Liners available in 102s

The Super Dwarf listing

  • Super Dwarfs ‘Boronia’
  • Super Dwarfs ‘Geranium Kiss’
  • Super Dwarfs ‘Iditarod Red’
  • Super Dwarfs ‘Maori Warrior’ (Wherokowhai)
  • Super Dwarfs ‘Perth Pride’
  • Super Dwarfs ‘Rosella Purple’
  • Super Dwarfs ‘Sean’s Yellow Dwarf’
  • Super Dwarfs ‘Tasmanian Chocolate’
  • Super Dwarfs Patio Collection
    • 34 liners each of six varieties: ‘Boronia’, ‘Perth Pride’. ‘Sean’s Yellow Dwarf’, ‘Iditarod Red’, ‘Rosella Purple’ and
      ‘Tasmanian Chocolate’. 2 trays of 102s

Download the Super Dwarfs product spotlight for variety and cultural information.